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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep10 min read

Nov 7, 2021 8 min
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep10 min read

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Does your bedroom feng shui work for you? Feng Shui experts say that feng shui is the art of creating an environment that promotes peace and harmony. The benefits of feng shui can include better sleep, improved relationships, increased creativity, and success in achieving goals. Your bedroom feng shui can have a big impact on all these things! Read this ultimate feng shui guide to create the perfect bedroom for yourself so you can enjoy all these benefits.

What to add to your bedroom to boost feng shui

A feng shui bedroom can help you sleep better, improve your relationships and increase creativity. This ultimate feng shui guide shows good feng shui tips for bedrooms to help you enhance the energy of this space in your home.

The right color scheme

Feng Shui is all about creating the perfect environment for your bedroom. One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui, colors are thought to promote maximum sensuality and peaceful vibes which will help you get a restful night’s sleep! 

Here are some gorgeous color schemes that are great choices when it comes time to spruce up or renovate an existing space: off-white theme(think white walls), creams tones (anything from light beige on down) – these provide tranquility while being conducive towards relaxation. Chocolate browns create warmth without feeling too clunky a nice balance between coolness and warmth, which is a Feng shui thing. 

The right layout

Another way to quickly promote harmony and relaxation in your bedroom is to switch up the layout. For feng shui purposes, it’s best to have your bed placed against a solid wall or at the very least one with minimal fussy drapes and another decor. A good rule of thumb is that everything should be able to “look nice” from where you are lying in bed – so if you find yourself craning your neck to see something else besides the TV screen because it’s positioned awkwardly on an opposite wall, then move it!

An important point for Feng shui seeking restful nights: try not to place beds under windows unless necessary. Ideally, they should go alongside walls instead of facing them directly. This allows chi energy to flow through unimpeded which helps promote sleep/relaxation patterns naturally / effectively.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep
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Accessories that are meaningful and nourish the five senses

You’ll want to consult a Bagua map to see what elements to pull into your space.

  • Sound: soothing music and feng shui sound devices such as fountains can help restore peace to your bedroom.
  • Touch: be sure you have the right bedding! A comfy mattress under good quality sheets is an easy way to create healthy feng shui in this part of your home/apartment. In addition, soft robes that are cozy for lounging around the room on lazy Sunday mornings will make it more inviting even when no one’s sleeping there at night.
  • Taste: While you may not want to bring food into your bedroom, remember to keep a tiny jar of water on hand. To get a fast boost in the morning, add some lemon and drink it.
  • Smell: good feng shui bedrooms must have a fresh scent, and that can be achieved by either using scented candles or plug-in air fresheners strategically placed around the bedroom like one in each corner of the room, for instance. If you’re especially sensitive to strong smells it’s best to skip these altogether so as not to interfere with your feng shui energy flow while you sleep at night.
  • Hearing: staying up late watching television or working on your laptop might not seem very healthy feng shui but if this is part of a larger pattern then there are ways around it! A fan will help drown out any distracting noise from outside while soft music from before bedtime until just before you fall asleep will help your feng shui energy to settle and soothe. Many people find it hard to sleep in a room that is too silent, however, so try playing natural sounds or white noise if this helps.

Invest in a king or super-king size bed and mattress

Feng shui is all about the interaction of humans and their environments, which means investing some time into your bedroom will help you achieve balance in life! A big portion of that spending occurs when we sleep so it’s safe to assume incorporating feng shui principles within our sleeping quarters can make this part more soothing & restoring too. Super kings are ideal if one has ample enough room – they give us maximum space where turning off from distractions may occur comfortably allowing oneself relaxation without being bothered by anything else distracting them at the present moment.

Centrally and away from the bedroom door, position your bed

Balance is an important aspect of Feng Shui. Making sure your bedroom is symmetrical is simple. Having your bed in the middle of the room will enhance this sense of equality. Additionally, placing it away from your bedroom door will help to minimize the subconscious anxiety of being disturbed.

Maximize airflow with adjustable blinds

Airflow is an important aspect of a Feng Shui bedroom, and one easy way to incorporate the natural world into it is to ensure there is lots of ventilation. This will not only keep your room clean and fresh, but it will also aid in the proper amount of sleep for you.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep
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Ensure your bed has a bedside table on either side

Bedside tables are another quick option for achieving symmetry and balance in your room. Place one on each side of your bed, and your space will start to feel balanced and Chi will rise. You’ll also maximize the natural character of your bedroom if you put a feng shui plant on each end unit.

Use natural bedding and eco-friendly materials

Another method to add natural features to your bedroom is to use eco-friendly bedding. To minimize the number of synthetic materials in your sleeping area, seek bamboo or cotton-based natural mattresses. These aren’t just ideal for enhancing Feng Shui energy in your primary space, but they’re also excellent for temperature regulation since natural fabrics absorb moisture.

Light the house with candles and low-light bulbs

A low-light bulb and mood lighting can go a long way in bringing depth to your bedroom. To create a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere, dim the lights. If you’re concerned about safety, use battery-powered candles instead of real ones, you receive all of the same benefits without risking fire!

Keep all drawers and doors closed when they are not in use

To prevent sleep deprivation, close drawers, and wardrobe doors before going to bed. Cluttering might be distracting, causing you to lose sleep, so another feng shui bedroom advice is to make sure drawers are shut when they’re not in use. Also, make sure all room doors are closed. This will help create a calm atmosphere by ensuring see-through feng shui.

Invest in a good headboard

A solid headboard will have a significant impact on the appearance of your room. Not only does it improve symmetry and balance, but it also makes sitting up for those long mornings much simpler since you can enjoy that first cup of coffee before getting started! If at all possible, pick one with no distracting design elements so they don’t compete with what’s in front of them.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep
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Move your bookshelf to a different room

A feng shui bedroom is not the place to store your books. A bookcase can be several different feng shui no-nos depending on where you put it, so avoid putting one in a feng shui bedroom at all costs! This includes next to the bed too – this space should only contain items that promote restful sleep and energy flow.

In your bedroom, you have books that you are reading right now

It’s advisable to keep just the book you’re presently reading in your room. This will aid in the reduction of disruption as you attempt to rest since we’ve all been there when it feels like I should change out my current read for another, but this won’t be very useful when getting ready for bedtime! Stick with what works and continue reading that book!

What to avoid in the bedroom to boost feng shui

There are quite a few things to avoid including working too much in the feng shui bedroom. Also, it’s best not to sleep with your head facing north or south because there’s no open space for energy to flow freely on either side of you.


We spend a lot of time bent over a computer in our busy modern lives. So why not turn your bedroom into a completely tech-free zone? Remove all TVs, electronics, appliances, and phones to prevent them from generating any energy in the area.


Mirrors are feng shui blocking agents, so avoid putting them on the feng shui bedroom walls. This includes any reflective surfaces like jewelry holders or glass tables.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For A Better Sleep
Image By Canva Design

Paintings above the bed

Be careful not to place feng shui bedroom paintings above your bed. This is because you go into a trance when falling asleep, and it’s best if this state of mind doesn’t include any negative influences from paintings on the wall.

Nightstands with sharp corners

Be careful that feng shui bedroom nightstands don’t have any sharp corners, as they can cause injury if you get too close. If the feng shui bedroom has a lot of traffic and you need to place tables near your bed, use teardrop-shaped legs so no one gets hurt!

Large, looming furniture

People will feng shui bedroom feel more comfortable in a room with feng shui that includes furniture they can relax around. If the feng shui bedroom has only large pieces of furniture, people might end up feeling cramped and uncomfortable when trying to rest easily.


Plants are one of the most important feng shui ingredients for a good feng shui bedroom. They release oxygen and bring energy into any space, but they also provide people with something to look at while lying in bed or relaxing on their own time. This is especially useful if your feng shui bedroom does not have windows!


Keeping water features in the bedroom is a major feng shui taboo. No fountains and no pictures or paintings of boats on the ocean, rivers, harbors.  These feng shui bedroom symbols of water should be kept away from the sleeping space.

Under-the-bed clutter

Many people ignore the risks of clutter below their bed, but this can have negative consequences. For example, if there are too many items to clean under your bed or pull out from underneath it then you may experience stress and headache as soon as possible after waking up in the morning because all those thoughts will be floating around at once instead of being focused on what matters most: getting a good night’s sleep!


If you are considering how to layout your bedroom for better feng shui, this ultimate guide should help get you started. These layouts show the good and bad of various configurations so that you can choose an arrangement best suited for your needs. Whether it’s a new room or simply rearranging furniture in your current space, these diagrams will be helpful when deciding where to put things down to achieve optimum balance with nature. What other ways do you think could improve one’s feng shui? Let us know!

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