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9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea8 min read

Oct 25, 2021 6 min
9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea

9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea8 min read

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The feng shui principles of balance and flow can be applied to your home office, whether you’re setting up a new workspace or looking for a refresh of your existing space. Incorporating feng shui into your work environment is one way to make it more inviting and productive. Here are some feng shui tips that will help optimize and maximize the use of this space!

Benefits of office feng shui

Office feng shui can bring about productivity and success in the workplace. It is believed that employing these principles will make one feel more engaged, which inspires them to work harder for their company as opposed to just going through tasks on autopilot. This ultimately leads towards a better bottom line because it was all worth it!

There have been anecdotal stories of companies who employed office feng shui practices seeing higher than average rates for performance-based metrics such as earnings per share growth over time. These successes are not scientifically validated yet but generally speaking if used correctly any type of design element has the potential to impact our productivity levels at least within an organization.

The 5 elements of feng shui

In feng shui, five elements attract energy and need to be balanced. These include:

  • Wood. This element urges you to take the initiative in your life. It also shows creativity and progress. Trees, plants, or green objects can be used to represent wood.
  • Fire. This element creates energy, warmth, and light in your space. Red objects are good feng shui for fire.
  • Earth is the foundation of feng shui in an office. It brings stability to your life if you respect this element because it represents money, financial security, or self-esteem in feng shui. Objects with yellow can represent earth in feng shui.
  • Metal represents strength. Use silver when incorporating metal into your home office design! It also stimulates intelligence and thinking capacity according to feng shui principles. You may use metallic colors like white or gray instead of shiny metal items when using feng shui at work.
  • Water makes us more emotional so we need water around our homes too since that’s where we spend a lot of our time! Water feng shui elements could be as simple as watercolor paintings or fountains.
9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea
Image By Canva Desgn

How to bring feng shui to your office

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects and elements to create harmony. The theory behind feng shui says that when we place our work desks, bookshelves, and other items in a certain way it can influence how creative or productive we are at work. It’s about creating an inviting space that allows us to feel comfortable and take action!

Beyond feng shui basics like clearing clutter (you should never have anything on your desk except what you need to get your job done), here are some simple feng shui tips for setting up your workspace with the goal of making it more effective.

Choose your desk wisely

The single most important piece of furniture in any home office is the desk. It’s where you will spend the majority of your time, so it’s important to put some thought into what kind of desk is best for your space.

Cherry furniture says feng shui experts believe that desks with straight lines are more conducive to productivity than curved or circular surfaces (which they say can lead to too much “energy swirling around”). And if possible, avoid desks that face a wall. The feng shui thinking here is similar: all those vertical objects can block energy flow in the room.

The height of the desk should be comfortable enough for you to sit at and work comfortably but high enough so that when seated, your eyes naturally fall on items near the front edge like phones, pens, etc.

Place your desk in the power position

According to feng shui, position your workstation so that you are in the “power posture.” This is the farthest point from the entrance of the room. Arrange your workstation so that you can see through the door when seated.

9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea
Image By Canva Design

Create a strong backing

One of the best ways to create strong feng shui backing is by positioning your chair against a wall. If this isn’t possible, try placing lush plants behind your seating area for an even more impressive look!

Choose the right chair

For those who are trying to create balance in their life, choosing the right chair is crucial. A high back provides stability and protection which can prevent you from feeling like your space may be out of control or unsafe at any time.

When it comes down to what type of sitting position will provide this sense for users. Many opt towards getting themselves an executive office-style swivel desk chair with armrests because they offer plenty of features while also providing good support when needed most!

Introduce water and plant elements

According to several specialists, water features and flora may help you be more productive. Water is considered a symbol of wealth in feng shui, while plants are regarded as having health benefits. Consider putting a moving water feature in your workplace. Indoor plants can also aid with air quality.

Hang artwork

Your workspace is the first impression that clients will have of you. So, your office decor needs to be professional and inviting! Hang art around your workstation or cubicle with motivational phrases on them to inspire yourself throughout each day at work.

Hang posters showcasing what inspires you most – whether that’s a slogan or photo representing an accomplishment from years ago the key thing here is inspiring words so they motivate those who enter this room as well as us Who Work Here now!

Choose the right colors

When it comes to the color of your office, there are many options for you. Soft yellow and sandstone colors can help create balance without being overwhelming. Some popular choices include pale gold or orange-yellow shades with light green accents in between them that will add interest as well!

If a more masculine feel is what’s desired then try out white furniture paired against dark wood floors while green complements blue nicely too or vice versa if one prefers opposite gender dress codes altogether.

9 Expert Feng Shui Home Office Design Idea
Image By Canva Design

Opt for natural lighting

If you can, utilize natural light from windows. Fluorescent and yellow-tinted lighting may cause tiredness, so incandescent full spectrum bulbs are preferable if you must work under those conditions!

Use scent to create balance

One way to create balance in your home is with the scent. Use citrus essential oils, which are helpful for long days and can be distracting from stressful moments at work.

What to avoid

There are a few things that you should avoid doing if you want your feng shui office atmosphere to be optimal. Here are some pointers on what not to do:

No clutter

No more mess! An organized workspace will help you be more productive and efficient. Get rid of the clutter in all areas, including your desk space, flooring area, or any bookcases for an optimal work environment that also promotes mental clarity.

Don’t sit back to back or face to face

Avoiding the temptation of sitting near another person is important. A study found that coworkers who had a common area for quiet reflection increased their productivity by 20%. If you must share your office space, try staggering desks or making use of plant barriers as dividers!

Get rid of sharp angles

To make your office a more comfortable and productive place, get rid of furniture with sharp angles. If you have these items in an area where they can be seen while working try repositioning them so that the angle is at knee height or below for better ergonomics.

Don’t get carried away with color

If you want to make your office space inviting, avoid using very bright and vivid colors. These may be too much for an environment where employees are starting their day on a work mindset rather than having fun at first glance!


We all know that sometimes it’s hard to focus when you work from home. That’s why feng shui can be so helpful for optimizing your space and making sure you feel motivated, productive, and happy while working at home.

From the arrangement of furniture to the colors in your office or workspace, following some simple guidelines can help make it easy for you to get into a good place mentally before diving deep into your day-to-day tasks. Do any of these tips resonate with you? How will incorporating them change how much more productive you are each day? Let us know!

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