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Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes9 min read

Oct 2, 2021 6 min
Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes

Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes9 min read

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It’s time to get ready for your new baby! You’re probably thinking about how you will organize all of the clothes that you’ve purchased. This can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With these simple steps, you’ll find yourself with an organized closet full of cute outfits in no time!

Organizing Baby Clothes Initially

The best way to organize baby clothes is in a dresser. Make sure that each drawer has dividers and compartments where you can neatly store all of your little one’s outfits. You don’t want them bundled up in a heap or placed on top of each other because it could lead to premature wear and tear.

You can also store your baby’s clothes in a closet, but how you do so depends on how many items you have. For instance, if you only have one or two small drawers of clothing for newborns, place them at the top and bottom of a chest of drawer units to take advantage of vertical space. 

You should consider using hangers with clips instead since they’re more efficient. If there are just too many pieces to fit into the dresser/drawer alone, find other ways to hang up some outfits that don’t require folding such as by utilizing tension rods or placing hooks onto wall studs. In addition, it is best not to overcrowd closets because this will make it difficult for other family members who need to use the space.

Make Piles of Baby Clothes By Size

If you’re looking for how to organize baby clothes, one of the best ways is by making piles. This means starting with a pile each for 0-12 months and 12-24 months (if your child will wear both). You should also make smaller ones like pajamas, swimsuits/sunsuits, and socks because these items are usually worn together. Once you’ve made all the necessary piles, start grouping them into clothing categories such as tops, bottoms, or sleepwear based on how they are stored in dresser drawers.

Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes
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Make Sense of Baby’s Closet Space

Having trouble figuring out where to put all of those baby clothes? You’re not alone! Keep them neat with our easy storage ideas for folded outfits that can be rolled up nicely in an ornament box or a mesh drawer. Not only will this keep things organized and within reach, but you’ll also have less wrinkled clothing when it’s time to wash your little ones’ pajamas again at night.

If you have a limited wardrobe, then consider using these organizers to save your time. Not only are they space-saving but also allow for the efficient use and allocation of drawers that we all know can become crowded quickly! Place outfits in an appropriately sized drawer while reserving larger ones like sock/stocking bins or those with items such as shoes & shirts from which one may choose what outfit will best suit them today depending upon their mood.

Have a Storage Strategy in Place

A baby’s wardrobe can expand exponentially, meaning you need to have a storage strategy in place before the arrival. There are several options available such as hanging racks or drawer organizers however how much clothing your little one will require is dependent upon how often they wear it which varies per season and age so this should be taken into consideration when organizing their clothes by size otherwise there could potentially be too many items for them to use even if only half of them fit at any given time and that means wasted space and money.

Organizing the Clothes Baby Will Wear

The most common method of how to organize baby clothes is by season. It’s a simple design where you make the distinction between how many items of clothing your baby will need for each season and how long they can be worn before needing to replace them.

For instance, in fall/winter babies generally wear clothes that are two to three times thicker than what they’ll require during summer so only half as many winter outfits would fit into an organized closet space than how much space their lighter seasonal clothes take up which means there is room available for more items.

Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes
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Clear Storage Containers

If you want to create a nursery with the perfect balance of trendy and traditional, then go for clear plastic storage containers. These versatile containers will not only hold all your baby’s clothes but also allow them easy access no matter what is inside whether it be hair bows or receiving blankets!

Drawer Dividers

If you prefer to keep your baby’s clothes in drawers, then drawer dividers will come in handy. These dividers will be able to divide the space within a single drawer and make it easy for mommy and daddy (or nanny) to find what they need without having to search through all of their little one’s things.


Clothespins – a versatile and budget-friendly way to organize your closet. They are great for hanging clothes, diapers, or even skirts – but one clever hack we particularly admire is the idea of mounting them on the wall with double-sided adhesive! This gives you so much more stored space in your already jam-packed closets.

Extra Hanging Space

The solution to baby clothes is an additional bar that will double your hanging space and provide easily accessible clothing storage. This way, you can keep all of those delicate dresses free from wrinkles without worry! With an extra room at the end of every row for new arrivals (and old ones!) this design makes getting dressed a snap.

Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes
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Door Storage

Sometimes it’s how you don’t use space that makes the biggest impact. We love using wall hook racks inside our closets to hang everything from purses to winter coats – why should baby clothes be any different? These simple black metal hooks are mounted directly on the back of her nursery door so she can grab whatever she needs before mommy gets dressed!

Shoe Organizer Hack

A shoe organizer hack that will win your heart! Take an inexpensive over-the-door shoe rack and repurpose it as a home for baby’s smallest shoes, or if you have slightly older kids who still wear their tiny slippers around the house sometimes (like any good big sister), then get yourself one of these too – they make great dresser drawers when rolled up with all those clean laundry piles waiting in anticipation!


Hooks are a great way to solve the problem of pants and straps hanging out, but they lack versatility. For that reason, it is always helpful if you have hooks attached or slung over your hanger so as not to miss any items from being put away in insufficient space on their own!

Mounted ones will be best suited for shelves where weight doesn’t factor into things like baby bunting. S-style designs can hang anything bulky without taking up too much room with its use while wall-mounted varieties make certain outfits easier by allowing extra clothing storage when needed most.

Wall-mounted Baskets

Wall-mounted baskets are a great way to store your things without taking up floor or shelving space. They can either go on the wall in front of shelves, behind them (floating), under tables with drawers, etc., and there is no limit as long as you have enough room!

Simple Ways to Organize Baby Clothes
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Tips for Deciding What baby clothes to Keep & Donate

You know you won’t be able to use that baby clothes, so why not donate them?

Minimize the baby clothes you keep by thinking how much actual use your little one will get out of them! If it’s likely that they won’t fit into something in less than six months then consider passing on those items as well because it’s just difficult keeping everything organized and looking nice if there are so many things you don’t plan on using for very long.

Why not donate baby clothes that are a little too big or small for your child? That way they can be used to help another family. Additionally, if you’ve gotten anything secondhand or hand-me-down, likely, the child receiving those clothes doesn’t need to fit into them for at least six months so take advantage of how long these items will last before your baby outgrows them!

I knew that I’d always reach for non-stained ones and stained clothes would just sit in my drawer. If you want them gone, try removing any stains with an enzyme cleaner like chlorine bleach or OxiClean – these can be found at your local grocery store! Other items go into different piles depending on how much time/effort it takes me (or others) spend getting rid of this stuff: donate pile if small stain only visible under close inspection, trash bin otherwise.


If you’re looking for baby clothes organization ideas that are easy to maintain after the baby arrives, read on. This guide will help you stay organized and make dressing your little one easier with these genius organizing tips. Stay on top of it by following our simple steps for how to organize baby clothes.

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