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3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket6 min read

Oct 3, 2021 4 min
3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket

3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket6 min read

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Packing a suit for travel can be tricky. You need to make sure the clothes don’t wrinkle and fit in your carry-on bag or suitcase, but how do you do that? In this blog post, we will show you how to pack a suit so it fits neatly in your carry-on and arrives sharp!

How to Pack a Suit – 3 Simple Ways

Gents, are you sick of folding your suit jackets? As far as aggravating clothing maintenance goes packing and transporting suits is right up there. A good wool jacket combines two major problems when not being worn by the owner, first, it’s bulky but secondly vulnerable to permanent creasing if something gets pressed into its fabric. 

You can steam or iron those wrinkles out later but that’s extra work which also puts strain on these delicate garments. So how do you pack a suit so it fits neatly in your carry-on and arrives sharp?

Tucked-Shoulder Fold

This one does involve a large fold down the center of your jacket. This means that it’s not quite as crease-proof as a good roll, but you often have to fold up jackets when space is very limited, and sometimes flat folds are all there is left for them (even though they don’t look too appealing). 

The number on seams isn’t bad at this point either. You only see two layers instead of three like other varieties do: first, an inside-out shoulder lets go with both hands while keeping hold of its arc. Then gently tuck in the opposite side into place so these meet seam against corresponding places along bottom edges where the fabric meets lining/hemming tape, etc., working carefully around buttons fastening or stitching.

3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket
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The Shirt-Style Fold

You’re in a hurry, but you don’t want to carry around an extra jacket just for emergencies. So instead of folding your normal suit coat like a dress shirt and throwing it over one shoulder when not needed (which can get bothersome), try this option: 

  • Fold up both sides at once along the bottom hem until the collar is resting underneath lapels/shoulders then fold down the middle part enough so that all four corners meet between the belly button area & wrists or elbows etc.
  • Fold back shoulders how long they are then fold the entire coat over until it’s about how thick you’re forearm is from wrist to elbow/elbow to shoulder etc.
3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket
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The Jacket Roll

The easiest way to get as few folds on your suit jacket is by not folding it at all. You’ll still have some creative tucking and layering, but you can roll up the whole thing like a sleeping blanket or pad! The big advantage here? Well, for starters Properly done means never having any creases across the fabric of our garment. Most action happens around shoulders & sleeves which are made flexible enough so they’re able to wear without causing wrinkles (though sometimes these will happen anyways). 

And lastly – if there ever was such an event where people needed extra room in their suitcase than just one small bag allowable under airline regulations-, then this would solve everything: A soft tube shape meant we didn’t need an extra bag – they can fit in our suitcase.

3 Simple Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket
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Transporting a Suit Jacket

Whatever method you choose for folding and storing your jackets, there are a couple of ways to minimize the damage:

  1. Don’t fold your jacket! If you’re flying, wear it onto the plane. This way not only do you avoid unpacking and packing but also have more room in your carry-on for other things like snacks or books
  2. To ensure that our travelers can enjoy their vacations as soon as possible, we recommend wearing at least one of each kind (shirt/pants) so there’s no need to pack anything else apart.
  3. Keep the jacket on a hanger and use an airline-friendly garment bag. These work great when traveling by plane or car but they don’t have much space for carrying their overflow of clothing with you!
  4. If you need to fold, minimizing the number of folds needed and keeping them along seams will make your life easier. The less fabric that has to go over a flat plane in one direction or another, the better!
  5. Always stuff jackets with the lining facing out. You’ll avoid stains or tears, and they will come back looking new after you’ve worn them!

Pick the Right Bag

In this case, you should choose a medium to large size travel bag that will still clear airport guidelines for carry-on size restrictions. A good rule of thumb is about 30-40L (105 – 130 linear inches) but it’s always best if your suit can breathe in its own space! 

Pick one with sturdy and rigid materials like Cordura or leather because these types don’t compress easily when full so they protect against wear from things bumping into them constantly while traveling, plus all those wheels make rolling around super easy no matter where life takes ya.

Conserve bag space

You’re packing for a week-long trip, and your suit is the bulkiest thing you’ll be carrying. To maximize space by reducing everything else on this list: T-shirts, socks, or underwear. If it doesn’t fit in one of those three items then don’t pack it at all since they take up more than enough room as is.


Arranging your suit so it fits neatly in a carry-on bag can be tricky, but with the right packing strategy, you’ll arrive looking sharp. Follow these steps to pack your suit and keep it wrinkle-free for when you need it most. What are some of your go-to strategies for packing suits? If they’re different than ours, share them below! We love hearing from our readers about what works best for them!

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