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8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas7 min read

Sep 26, 2021 5 min
8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas

8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas7 min read

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Pantry organizing is a never-ending process. It seems like no matter how many times you declutter and organize, the pantry always ends up in disarray. What’s worse, it can feel like there’s no room left for anything new! The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to get your pantry organized without wasting any space or making it feel too cramped. Take a look at these 8 clever ideas for how to organize your small pantry cabinet!

How To Organize Your Pantry

Typically, small pantries are the hardest to organize because they have less workable space – but don’t worry! It’s possible to make a little bit of room go a long way. Start by organizing items in baskets or bins that fit on the shelf – this will help maximize space and keep everything nice and tidy. 

For smaller items like cans, place them standing up inside larger containers (like plastic storage boxes) so they don’t take up too much room at the front of the shelf where it’s harder to reach behind them. 

If there isn’t enough room for taller items at all angles, try stacking them neatly across from each other so they create more room horizontally – just be sure not to stack anything too high so it’s not too top-heavy.

Small Pantry Organization Ideas and Tricks

  1. Don’t let your pantry get too cluttered. Try to keep it under control at all times, or else how will you ever be able to put together a meal when the time comes?
  2. Make sure that everything has its place in your kitchen cabinet so that everything is easy to find and you’re not wasting time looking for items every single day!
  3. Rotate food as soon as possible after receiving groceries. This prevents the expiration of perishable foods such as milk and meat products. It also helps reduce waste which means more money saved on shopping bills down the line!
  4. Keep staples like flour, sugar, cooking oil, and spices within reach by storing them on an upper shelf inside of clear containers with labels visible.
  5. Use clear storage containers with lids to keep your food visible while also allowing you easy access when needed!
  6. Keep all items stored in the same direction so that everything is easier for you to find and put away again.
8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas
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Adjust your shelves

Get your shelves adjusted. You need storage space, and especially one for little pantries because you don’t want any precious real estate wasted without it being used! Adjust the spots where things are stored to accommodate what’s going in there now as well as how much room is needed to reach into them when necessary – just make sure there still has enough accessible height so that everything will fit after considering both heights of items on top vs those below.

Use bins to your advantage

You’ve been putting off getting organized in the pantry because you’re not sure if it’s worth all that trouble for such a small space. But let us tell you something: bins are one of those items which can make even an old, cluttered building look neat and tidy again (and they don’t take up much floor or storage area either). Don’t think about buying some new boxes – just recycle ones from last season’s garage sale or neighborhood rummage run, don’t forget to label them.

8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas
Image By Canva Design

Add a light

You might not have room in your pantry for a light, but you can still make it brighter. There are many different ways to illuminate small spaces: install an overhead fixture or hang battery-operated lights on the bottom shelves and sides of each shelf!

Sort Your Food Into Categories

Keep snacks, cereals, and other dry foods together. Separate food into categories like grains or pasta to make it easier for you when shopping.

After sorting your foods into categories, it’s time to get creative with how you display them. I organized my snack items by piling all the granola bars in one pile and then grouping similar snacks like cookies under a collective name (such as “cookies”). Now that everything is categorized based on its type or ingredients – from those containing dairy products up through eggs! You can start creating thoughtful displays for each shelf space!

8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas
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Use the back of the door

Use the back of your pantry door to keep track of smaller kitchen basics. Attach a magnetic strip or metal shelf in a narrow space and attach magnets or hooks that can hold containers, measuring cups, bottles, and more! It’s an easy way to get all those loose odds and ends off the floor and out from underfoot. Or you could install plate racks behind cupboard doors for another great storage option!

Add Labels

Labels are key when it comes to how organized your pantry is. Organize items together (i.e., baking supplies, canned goods, etc.).

Use labels with clear directions for how everything should be stored – spices in alphabetical order; pasta by type of shape and color; cereals on the top shelf; cereal boxes placed upside-down so you can see what’s inside without opening them or taking anything out!

8 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas
Image By Canva Design

Install pull-out shelves and drawers

Organizing a pantry can be as easy as installing pull-out shelves and drawers.

Pull-outs make it easy to find everything, all while keeping items off the floor and out from underfoot.

Install them in cabinets that contain tall or awkward-sized containers (i.e., canned goods). Or try adding roll-out trays instead to hold boxes, cans, jars, and bottles of food you use often – such as spices! This makes retrieving what you need quick and convenient without having to move things around every time just so you can grab something at the back of your cupboard – how frustrating is that?

Organize With Containers

Another great option for organizing a pantry is using clear containers. This will ensure that you know how much food and groceries you have left so there’s no need to worry about running out at the worst possible time – such as when your kid decides he wants peanut butter sandwiches every day for lunch! 

A good tip for this method is lining up all of your various can sizes next to each other in order from smallest to largest, then filling them with corresponding contents: soup, beans, vegetables, etc. That way they’re easy to find and arrange according to size which makes it easier than ever before to keep track of how many cans of what you’ve got on hand at any given moment. Plus these stackable plastic bins are perfect for keeping your canned goods fresh.


Now that you have decluttered and organized your pantry cabinet, take a step back to admire what you’ve done. You can feel proud of yourself for taking the time to organize this space because now it’s easy to find everything in there! All the hard work will be worth it when you can sit down at your kitchen table with friends or family members without having to go through an embarrassing search behind closed doors. How did you do? What creative ways could you use these ideas on other parts of your home? Share them with us below!

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